How To Be A Fashionista & Entrepreneur: Meet Amer Goosby

Current City & Hometown: Chicago, IL

Tell me all about your business, Cultural Capital Co. 

Cultural Capital & CO. Is a lifestyle brand for a modern woman between the ages of 17-35, multicultural perspectives on beauty, fashion and modern living. Online Lifestyle Magazine featuring fashion news, fashion look books, trend reports, entertainment news, beauty advice, relationship advice and more. If you like all things fabulous, this online magazine will have something for you– no matter your cultural background. Boutique: Featuring one of a kind vintage pieces and the latest women’s fashions and accessories. What makes Cultural Capital unique? The combination of a boutique and lifestyle magazine in one website where you can purchase one of a kind vintage pieces as well as the latest fashions for women. One stop shop for all things fabulous, multicultural perspectives on beauty and fashion and a modern lifestyle. I also work as a free lance fashion consultant. I consult on fashion shoots, fashion shows theatre productions as well as wardrobe consulting for individuals. 

I absolutely love your brand! Cultural Capital not only focuses on beauty, fashion, and modern living, but it’s also a way to empower young women through fashion. What made you decide to start a lifestyle brand for the modern woman? 

Thank you! I started my brand because I have always been passionate about all things concerning women. As a young adult in college I felt I could have a voice that would represent women of multicultural backgrounds. I felt that there should be more sources where women could go to read stories, take funny quizzes, get updated on the latest trends and see images that related to them. On top of that I love fashion so I thought it would be awesome if I would merge a fashion boutique with a lifestyle magazine so you can shop while getting your life. 

As a fashion designer and stylist who started working in the industry a few years ago, I know it can be hard to start a new business. What challenges have you faced while building your brand? Are there any tools or resources out there that have helped you overcome these challenges?

Of course I have faced many challenges and still face some today. My main struggle would be setting up my business and making sure it’s structurally sound. I’m still working on that. I have consulted with The Score free business mentoring program, they are a great resource. 

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age.’ With a powerful advertising platform such as Instagram, small businesses can reach a wider audience. I notice your feed is engaging with a magazine-type aesthetic that captures some of the latest trends of fashion icons and celebrities. In what ways do you think Instagram helps build your brand?

I think instagram is great! I feel it helps me express my fashion tastes and helps my audience get to know the personality behind the brand

Besides Instagram, what other social media platforms do you use? Which platform do you find the most appealing for your business?

I use Facebook and  Pinterest also, I am getting into twitter lately as well. I like instagram the best because a picture is worth a thousand words and my target audience definitely lives on IG. 

Tell me about any recent collaborations you’ve done, and are there any other stylists or professionals that you’d like to link with?

Daya by Zendaya. I follow his work and I think he is at the top of the game, anything I learn from him would be invaluable. Recently I have worked with CMB Fashion Show I was a Co-Coordinator of the show that has been running for a few years in Chicago. I loved seeing that vision go from paper to the runway! I would love to work with Luxury Law he is best known as Image Architect of Zendaya and Co creator of 

In what ways do you think living in Chicago has impacted your success? Do you feel the city is beneficial to your growth as a young entrepreneur? 

Chicago is like a small town even though it’s a huge city and I think that has been beneficial to my growth. It is easy to just get out and meet people and it’s most likely that the person you meet will already know a friend of yours so it’s easy to collaborate here. I think that I gained a lot of experience quickly that way when I first began my journey. 

What is your most proud moment that you have achieved as a new business owner? 

That is hard to say, I would say every moment I accomplish something new I feel the same sense of pride. That is why I like what I do so much, creating anything just gives me all the feels. I am just proud of myself for being able to trust in my talent and follow my heart through this journey. 

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to young women out there who want to start their own business?

Don’t quit your day job…. Lol. No seriously don’t think you have to drop everything to start your business, you can steal time when you are not at your day job to work on your business piece by piece as long as you have desire and you are focused you will win. Also get a business mentor to help you with those start up steps, knowledge really is power in entrepreneurship. 

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

  • Instagram account you follow: That’s hard to say, I like variety on my instagram some of my favorite accounts are: NastyGal, Manrepeller, Fashionbombdaily, Traceeellisross, Spiritualthoughts, Healthyhairjourney, Blackbride1998  to name a few
  • Band or music artist: J Cole (rapper) Beyonce (Singer) 
  • Restaurant in your neighborhood: Harold’s Chicken Shack 
  • Clothing boutique: Random thrift stores
  • Lipstick: Whatever goes with my look for the the day, but my favorite gloss is Mac lip glass when I can afford it lol
  • Netflix show or movie: Insecure (HBO)

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

  • If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? Invest, Invest, Invest! and buy my mom a house.  
  • How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Styling, Outgoing, Loyal
  • What is the last good book that you’ve read? The Alchemist
  • What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? Rake it up by Yo Gotti
  • New York City or LA?  LA
  • Ice Cream or Gelato? Gelato
  • Who is your male celebrity crush? Dave East
  • 3 things on your bucket list? Go to Africa, Make a million, Go to Santorini Greece 
  • 3 things you love about Chicago: Food, Culture, Shopping!

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