How To Be A Business Mentor: Meet Katie Colella

Current City & Hometown: Newport, South wales, UK

Hi Katie!  Welcome to The Boss Diary! So glad you’re here. Tell me all about the work that you do.

I’m a Business Mentor working with women who are starting out in business and are feeling overwhelmed by ‘all the things’ they feel they need to do. I had my first business at age 18 and have had various businesses since. After I sold my last business, I decided to set up as a Virtual Assistant to help female entrepreneurs with tasks they didn’t have time for. This naturally evolved into mentoring. I now work with many VAs who are starting out, as well as other service and product based business owners.

I think it’s amazing that you are multi-talented and do so many things. I’ve noticed you have an Etsy shop. Tell me more about that.

In all honesty, I haven’t done a lot with my Etsy shop, I set it up originally as another income stream. It currently has a few of my packages available as well as some prints, workbooks and affirmation cards.

Besides Instagram, what other social media platforms do you use? Which platform do you find the most appealing for your brand?

I am active on Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest. Most of my clients find me through Facebook but I also love Instagram. I have a steady growth on my Pinterest account and a very active group board, so I also try to spend time there too.

Have you experienced any challenges in your career as a Business Mentor? If so, how did you overcome these challenges?

I think there are constant challenges as a business owner, no matter what you do. One of the main challenges I face is setting and sticking to boundaries with clients. I’ve had to become a little tougher and set out the terms and my boundaries from the start as clearly as I can. Each client I work with, I learn from too.

Who are some of your favorite business women or entrepreneurs that you look up to and have inspired your work? 

I’ve been following Carrie Green and her journey for many many years, I find her very inspiring as she has done so much and I find her relatable. I’m also surrounded by inspiring women daily that are self-motivated and keep going no matter what. I was lucky enough to be chosen to feature in Mumpreneur On Fire a few months ago- which became a No.1 Best seller on Amazon, it features 20 inspirational women, who are all amazing. 

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you. 

That I’m petrified of public speaking but would love to do it!

Are there any projects you are working on, and/or upcoming events that we should know about?

I’ve always got loads of ideas! Myself and friend Iona, who is also a business owner run local monthly events for female entrepreneurs, networking with a difference. We also host workshops and are hoping to run a business bootcamp later this year- for the weekend.

 What is your most proud moment or milestone that you have achieved as a female entrepreneur?

Probably becoming a No.1 Best selling co-author on Amazon.

Do you have any short or long term goals for the rest of the year? 

I’d like to increase my passive income- so working on that! I have a couple of small courses already, but I’d like some more and I’d also love to reach the stage where I have a waiting list of ideal clients for my 1:1 mentoring packages.

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

  • Summer activity: Travelling- I love the sun!
  • Band or music artist: Beyonce
  • Restaurant in your neighborhood: Bistrot Pierre
  • Clothing boutique: Coast
  • Lipstick: Mac Teddy Velvet or Scarlet

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

  • If you won $20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with that money? I’d travel the world, buy our dream home, buy my dream car, help business owners set up that can’t afford to invest but have the dream.
  • How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Awesome, loyal, beautiful
  • What is the last good book that you’ve read? Tony Robbins- Unleash The Giant Within
  • What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? Crazy In Love- Beyonce (It’s my all time favourite!)
  • Number one travel destination in the world? I’d love to visit more of the Far East. I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai too and we are going this June for our 10th wedding anniversary – can’t wait!
  • Who is your male celebrity crush? Tom Hardy
  • 3 things on your bucket list? Swim with sharks, skydive and visit as many countries as possible!