Fitness & Confidence Coach: Meet Kerin Briscese

“Just go for it. Try everything….”

Current City: Bergen County, NJ

Hometown:  Lived everywhere but originally from NJ

Hi Kerin! Welcome to The Boss Diary!

Before we begin, tell us 3 words that best describe you.   Driven, passionate, fun

Tell us what you do professionally.

I work with go getter women who desire to reconnect to their body, find freedom from food drama and achieve next level self confidence. I do this with a  combination of movement and rewiring their thoughts to release trauma in the cellular body  so that they can have a strong game emotionally that manifests in actions of success. In short making it possible to up level every area of their life so they can achieve their very big dreams!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I have 2 morning routines: the real one and the ideal one, Haha. A very bad habit I am trying to break is scrolling needlessly through social media as soon as my alarm goes off because I am responding to messages. This is something I am still working on so still need to lovingly remind myself to put the phone down.  After that I make coffee, pour myself a cup and organize my day. I love organization and making the most of my time. I think this is super important for any woman with big goals.  I make sure to write out everything I need to do that day and the week (assuming it’s Monday). I make sure to give myself more than enough time so I am not stressed going from task to task. I ALWAYS factor in time to workout, which I usually do in the am. After I organize my schedule I make breakfast and then sit down to write. I love to write in the morning, there is something about how the words flow. Once that is done I work out and get ready and on with the rest of my day.

To date, what has been the most memorable moment in your Fitness coaching career?

Signing my first online client. It was the absolute coolest thing having a client in another country and being able to help her. To help support her in gaining her confidence back and through that igniting her own health coaching business supporting new moms to take off.  Years ago we couldn’t do more than serve our community, now with technology we have the capabilities to serve people around the world. It’s incredible!

Everyone has a purpose. How would you define your own purpose?

Inspiring people to see their own capabilities. I have done it in my personal relationships and in my work. People love that about me or they don’t because I can see so clearly what you are good at it and what you are capable of and it can be scary to be asked to do more.

Who are some of your favorite female creatives or business women that you look up to?

Lori Harder, Nicole Moore, Hanna Oberg, Food Babe (Vani Hari)  

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.

Pretty much an open book haha so if you ask I will tell

What is the one quote that you live by? 

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

On your bookshelf what will I find…

“I’ve been thinking..” By Maria Shiver

“High performance habits” by Brendon Burchard and “The Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood (because I am completely obsessed with that show)

Before you go, what is one piece of advice you would give to women out there who are finding their way and figuring out their own path?

Just go for it. Try everything. And if you aren’t getting where you want to go don’t take it personal. Step back, recalibrate, get rid of any toxic relationships/environments (that has a lot to do with it) and pivot. And then try again.

This or That:

Day at the beach or Day in the city: City definitely! This girl loves good food!

Fenty Beauty or MAC:  I’ve never heard of Fenty beauty (oops) so I guess mac

Tea or coffee: Coffee and not ashamed of it 😉

Romance movie or horror film:  Depends on my mood and if I have someone to hold onto for the scary movie (hehe)

Quick 5:

  1. Perfect first date?  A guy who plans everything! I love detail oriented people.  So going into the city to see a broadway play and eat at an amazing restaurant or if we are getting really crazy he whisks me away on his private jet to Paris. 😉
  2. Favorite 90’s jam? Brittany Spears obv;)
  3. Your number one pet peeve?  Indecisive people
  4. Your favorite tv series?  Handmaid’s Tale, close second is Sons of Anarchy or Billions 
  5. Three things on your bucket list?  Live abroad for 6 months (none Us), live in Charleston for  a year, learn french and Brazilian Portuguese