How To Be A Visual Branding & Business Identity Wizard: Meet Vaida

Current City: Margaret River, Western Australia

Hometown: Lithuania

“Travel has opened my eyes, made me more tolerant as well as skilled in general. I think it’s very important to travel, move, and adapt to different cultures, traditions for everyone – it makes you a better person.”

What is your full time job?: Brand and web designer, photographer

Hi Vaida – welcome to my diary! First let me say that I am obsessed with you and your Instagram. Tell me about your blog, photography and everything else you do. 

I’m a freelance graphic and web designer, photographer. I love the freedom behind my work aesthetics and how versatile in general it is. I love the fact that I can work from anywhere in a world as long as there’s wifi as travel is one of my biggest passions and something I never get tired of.  I also love combining all of my passions in daily life: travel and photography – I’ve been obsessed with taking photos of anything and everything since I can remember,  and nature/landscape/ travel lifestyle photography is definitely my favorite. I also believe that my visual graphic design skills often reflect in my photography work too, I feel the deep connection with these two – it helps me to see the perspective from different angles as I love patterns and colors, different shapes and contrasts which I often use in my graphic design work, so it makes it easier for me to notice and capture those through camera lens. I also find myself more productive and motivated when I move a lot, when I don’t get too bored with routine, when my daily life includes adventure and various physical activities. I do, although, love having my little workspace studio or just a corner in the house where I can surround myself with inspiration such as books, drawings, natural accessories, etc, but then I have to go for a walk or two in the forest during the day, I just need to move. I also love sports and fitness – I love eating healthy and fresh, home made and grown food, exercising, stretching in my garden, running on the beach or in the forest, etc. I love dancing and I love fashion. I might have too many hobbies, but I love doing and learning new things as that what keeps me alive and motivated to change and grow daily. 

For those of us who have never been to Australia, tell us about the culture and lifestyle. I’ve never been but would love to go!

 Australia is a wonderful country. I love so much about it… The first thing that blew my mind was definitely the nature: all the contrasts, colors, patterns and shapes. It’s really breathtaking. Australia must have the best beaches in the world! I’m not a big fan of a city life though so cannot recommend anything in particular, although I wouldn’t put Perth as the destination for a city life or capital of culture – I think Australia overall is a land of wilderness and adventure. Of course it has its own beauty and magic, and I’m sure you can find more of a culture in cities like Melbourne or Sydney. But I’m a country girl and as much as I love culture, history, music, art, design and fashion – I’m perfectly happy in a bush farm, in Australian outback. I love traveling so I can always get the cultural dose while visiting other countries and cities, as well as I’m originally from Lithuania which has quite  rich cultural and historical background which I find pretty helpful too to keep up with the rest of civilization, and internet of course – you can find, read, see just about everything there, so I’m happy with no cafes and art galleries in my neighborhood haha.

Today’s age is all about ‘The Digital Age’ Your Instagram feed is full of gorgeous nature-themed photos as well as a pop of fashion. How do you use Instagram to help build your brand?

I originally have two instagrams – one is my personal (vaidadta) and other one is for my graphic and web design business (dtastudio). I keep the personal one more lifestyle and nature photography niched, while business one obviously is more dedicated for potential and current clients, and business focused in general. Although I love sharing my daily and work life stories on both too – I think a little mix of everything from time to time is healthy and shows the real you.

I love reading your blog, and also have a passion for travel. In what ways has traveling inspired your work as a Creative? 

In all the ways possible. Travel has opened my eyes, made me more tolerant as well as skilled in general. I think it’s very important to travel, move, and adapt to different cultures, traditions for everyone – it makes you a better person. While as a creative I just find myself very inspired by travels, the views, landscapes, all the colors and contrasts. I cannot wait to visit the rest of the world!!! There’s so much to explore, so much to take in. So much adventure awaits and that is what makes me jump out of the bed every morning as I just want to make those adventures happen! 

Tell me about the most recent collaboration you’ve done. Are there any creatives in Australia (or anywhere else) that you’d like to work with?

Ummm… I have collaborated with a few brands and companies from Australia a while ago, although I haven’t been very focused on that lately – not that I don’t want to, I’ve just been so busy with work that my blog and personal instagram account has been abandoned a bit. Although I’d love to collaborate with any cruelty free, environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable brand – I try to support them regardless as our beautiful planet, our mother nature really needs that. I’m a big nature activist, so I stand and support anyone who is starting environmentally friendly, sustainable business! 

Who are your favorite Influencers/Creatives that inspire your work? 

Hmmm.. helloemilie, Isabel Lucas, Leonardo DiCaprio, John John Florence, Montana Lower – any nature activists, environmentalists. They don’t have to be massive, with a huge following, for example my grandmother is my biggest inspiration as she has always been nature focused and very protective of it.

Tell me one thing that most people may not know about you.        

Uummm.. I think I’m quite open and honest with people, and sometimes a bit too vulnerable haha – I don’t try to hide anything, I’m completely transparent. But I think most people whom find me confident and strong don’t know how fragile I can be. I’m actually a very sensitive and emotional human being that often can be too harsh on herself too…. 

Are there any projects you are working on, and/or upcoming events that we should know about? 

Actually there are!!! I’m about to launch something very big and exciting! Something where I can finally combine all of my passions together! Can’t wait to share more about it! 

What is your most proud moment you have achieved as a young and powerful female entrepreneur?

 Last week I celebrated 6 years anniversary since I’ve been running my own business,  following my passions… so reflecting and looking back to where it all started, what I’ve gone through, where I come from and how far I have gone made me feel very proud of myself and even more motivated to keep on going and never give up on my littlest and biggest dreams! Although there haven’t been many proud moments really as I’m quite a perfectionists, I always feel proud of myself and very happy when I see satisfied clients as they start new chapters with the result of the work I’ve done for them.  

Do you have any short or long term goals for the New Year?

 I do! I wanna travel more around the world and I want to visit my home country – I really miss my family and friends, the culture and traditions; I really want to show my Australian boyfriend where I’m from, what are my roots, and what’s behind me as a person. Although I also want to finally settle down, get a house or hopefully a farm. 

I also want to launch some of my projects that I’ve been working on for a while and do something good for this planet, inspire others to do that too.  

Now let’s get a little more personal! Tell me your favorite:

  • Instagram account you follow: helloemilie
  • Dish you cook:. pink soup (it’s Lithuanian cold beetroot soup that we eat in summer, it’s delicious and super easy to make!)
  • Band or music artist: Jimi Hendrix
  • Restaurant in New York: yet to be discovered! 
  • Clothing boutique: Any second hand shop
  • Lipstick: natural lip balm
  • Netflix show or movie: Given

And let’s get a little more personal, shall we:

  • If you had the chance to meet and have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be? Sophia Amoruso
  • How would you describe your best friend in 3 words? Loyal, genuine, funny. 
  • What is the last good book that you’ve read? Hygge
  • What’s your favorite song on your current dance playlist? Hung Up by Madonna
  • Your number one travel destination?  Joshua Tree
  • Who is your male celebrity crush? Matthew McConaughey 
  • 3 things on your bucket list? Plane ticket to Europe, a road trip around New Zealand,  a land/ property in Australia.